Kuwait Stock Exchange P/E with R

KSE PE Ratios by Sector

Foreword I was inspired by Meet Saptarsi’s post on R-Bloggers.com and decided to emulate the process for the Kuwait Stock Exchange. Disclaimer This is not financial advice of any sort! I did this to demonstrate how R can be used to scrape information about the Kuwait Stock Exchange listed companies and do basic data analysis […]

Market Basket Analysis with R

Source: Paul’s Health Blog Association Rules There are many ways to see the similarities between items. These are techniques that fall under the general umbrella of association. The outcome of this type of technique, in simple terms, is a set of rules that can be understood as “if this, then that”. Applications So what kind […]

Harvesting Tweets with R

Problem Definition If you are a regular Twitter user, you’ll find yourself wanting to collect all your tweets for whatever obscure reason. I was looking to do some sort of sentiment analysis on a large dataset – it made sense to go to Twitter … but you can only get 1500 tweets at a time […]