The Supermemo Model

How do you go about remembering all the information you get and want to keep … and how do you keep it in memory for a long time? Long term memory has two components: retrievability and stability. In other words, how close is the memory to our consciousness and how deeply engrained is the information […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma

The Prisoner’s Dilemma is a classic game theory problem that shows how communication can drastically affect outcomes. The image is self explanatory: two prisoners are offered a deal, if one confesses the other gets 20 years, if none confess both get 1 year, and if both confess they each get 5 years in prison. Trust […]

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is the condition that debilitates communication – the best way to overcome conflict is to understand the situation and understand your position in context (self awareness). The conflict resolution model helps you identify the type of conflict and possible outcomes to better understand the situation and your role n the conflict resolution. There are […]