Why we die – Mortality in Kuwait with R

I came across Randy Olson’s (editor at @DataIsBeautiful) tweet about causes of death in the US. I thought I would replicate the information here using R and localize it for Kuwait – nothing fancy. I will keep the code to the end because I think the results are quite interesting. The data source is from […]

Kuwait Sugar Consumption with R

Kuwait Sugar

I was doing Facebook’s Udacity Explorartory Data Analysis course and one of the tasks is to use GapMinder.org’s data to visualise data. So I picked sugar consumption per capita per day; diabetes is a subject that has always been close and interesting to me. The graph above shows Kuwait’s sugar consumption relative to world averages. […]


About a year ago I started a hashtag, #Hi3, on twitter to motivate myself (and others) to go to the gym. If I had a fils for every time I was asked “What is hi3?”, I’d still be incredibly poor but could probably buy a box of fusen gum. Now back to the point. #Hi3 […]