The Swiss Cheese Model

The Swiss Cheese Model is one which describes accident causation as a series of events which must occur in a specific order and manner for an accident to occur. A stack of unique individual slices of cheese is analogous to an organisational system – where each layer contains a gap. Accidents occur when a process […]

What makes you Happy?

At some point, we all fall to one of two misfortunes: Being tasked with a monstrous and seemingly impossible job. Hitting ourselves over the head with a blunt object hoping that an excruciatingly boring job comes to an end Somewhere in between those two lies a dynamic sweet spot; always keeping you on your toes […]

The Eisenhower Matrix

“The most urgent decisions are rarely the most important ones”. The Eisenhower matrix helps you organise your tasks by breaking them down into one of four possible priorities. Ask yourself: When will I deal with the things that are important but not urgent? When will I take the time to deal with important tasks before […]