Glasses – A Year in Review

Last year, in February, I bought a pair of Mykita specs … right time for a side story already: I went to International Optics thinking I’d get me a hip pair of glasses. I forgot that I have the fashion sense of a tea spoon. So I purchased a pair thinking, “Yes!”, only to wake […]

The Personal Performance Model

The personal performance model is one that needs to be used like a survey – for a period of three weeks, fill this model rating each category (three of them) on a scale of 0 – 10. To do this, every day rate your tasks (as a group) by answering the following questions: Want to: […]

Appreciative Inquiry Model

In the early 20th Century, a major development in philosophy took place called the Linguistic Turn. Not to bore you into a state of comatose ~ the linguistic turn is based on the notion that language constitutes reality and is not a transparent medium for thought. In layman’s terms: your language defines the way you […]