Diving into Data – An SQL Course on Udemy by MBASQL.com

An interactive SQL learning experience

We run a micro-courses business, Afterskills, to help professionals ramp up their skills on specific and technical topics.

One of our products, MBASQL, is designed to help MBA’s, Business Analysts, and other professionals in Marketing, Online Fashion, and E-Commerce ramp up their skills with Data.

Today, we launched that course online through Udemy.com

Course Description

Our course is designed to equip MBAs & professionals with the skills required to extract data from relational databases. Most importantly, students will learn how to use data to bring insight into their decision making process through the lens of commercial problems faced by leading e-commerce businesses.

To assist in your learning, you will gain access to our very own:

  • Simulated web store having the same functionality as all e-commerce businesses.
  • Rich database of customer & product information that you’ll be able to browse.
  • SQL platform to take what you’ve learned & turn that into your very own SQL code.

Start Learning SQL with MBASQL.com

The class can be found here:


The first 100 students can get a 50% discount by using the coupon code “MBASQL-FRIEND”

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