Install R Package automatically … (if it is not installed)

R Libraries

This is perhaps my favourite helper function in R.

usePackage <- function(p) 
  if (!is.element(p, installed.packages()[,1]))
    install.packages(p, dep = TRUE)
  require(p, character.only = TRUE)

Why? Well …

Have you ever tried to run a line of R code that needed a special function from a special library.
The code stops and you think, “Damn … ok I’ll just load the library” – and you do.
But you get an error message because you don’t have the library installed … ya! #FacePalm

After the momentary nuisance you then have to:

  • Type in the command to install the package
  • Wait for the package to be installed
  • Load the library
  • Re-run the code
  • Eat a cookie

Well that’s why this is my favourite helper function. I just use “usePackage” instead of “library” or “install.packages”. It checks if the library exists on the machine you are working on, if not then the library will be installed, and loaded into the environment of your workspace. Enjoy!

You can even use this as part of your R profile 🙂

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