Glasses – A Year in Review

Last year, in February, I bought a pair of Mykita specs … right time for a side story already:

I went to International Optics thinking I’d get me a hip pair of glasses. I forgot that I have the fashion sense of a tea spoon. So I purchased a pair thinking, “Yes!”, only to wake up in the morning with the word phrase “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” echoing in my head. I went back very quickly and changed the frame … the folks at International Optics had a good laugh. I also described the pair to Toomzie @Hello965 and that was the pin that broke this camel’s back – “wai3!!”.

… back to our main story line now. So, besides trying to be hip and cool and miserably failing at it ~ I was looking for pennies to save. So a year later, have I saved anything at all? Should I have continued wearing contacts?

I spent KD 196.500 on the glasses, and in September I bought a box of contacts for KD 25. So total spent in 2011 was KD 221.500 ~

I would have purchased 12 boxes of contacts each month totalling KD 300 for a year. The total savings made on contacts KD 78.500. Not much considering it’s about KD 6.500 a month but any saving is a good saving :]~

Time to look for bigger buck budgeting! >.<'

One Comment on “Glasses – A Year in Review

  1.  by  Narbash

    This made me even more thankful for not wearing contacts nor specs, LOL! They’re extra cost all-in-all.. Sunk cost I guess.. Keep saving Salem, loving ’em posts

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