About a year ago I started a hashtag, #Hi3, on twitter to motivate myself (and others) to go to the gym.

If I had a fils for every time I was asked “What is hi3?”, I’d still be incredibly poor but could probably buy a box of fusen gum.

Now back to the point. #Hi3 is an onomatopoeia for the exertion of effort. I’ve made voice memos of different varieties of #Hi3:

  • Hi3: basic #Hi3.
  • Ha3: about ten times more effort that #Hi3
  • Heavy Hi3: you’d give birth to an elf after 10 of these.

There are many more varieties but that’s about all my sound chords are gifted with … and now you know!

Feeling a little unmotivated, give out a war cry: #Hi3!! and get moving ~

Keep up the good #hi3.

4 Comments on “#Hi3

  1.  by  AnxiousNut

    Haha! I really can’t see how Hi3 could be motivational. Though, the sound tracks are quite good, nintendo should use in its next super smash bros game – or maybe hire your! 😛

    •  by  AnxiousNut

      I did try it and it did make me feel motivated! I feel so motivated that I wanna play with Captain Falcon in any super smash brothers game right now; I sounded like captain falcon, lol!

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