Practice your Spanish verbs

I spent this summer in Dublin working in media and learning a lot about how the digital world works in that industry. I also spent a lot of time keeping up with my Spanish – I highly recommend Loly from if you are trying to learn Spanish whilst in Ireland. She is a brilliant teacher from Argentina that gives private lessons and uses a unique format that combines academic modules, social events (like BBQs with students), movies, magazines, and audio books.

Whilst studying I felt the need to practice the different forms of verbs in Spanish. There’s obviously an app for that … and I found one called CN Spanish. I showed the app to my friend, who has an Android, and well … it wasn’t available for Android.

On a rainy weekend in Dublin – they have many of those – I made a little replica of the app designed for the web. Using the public Spanish Verb database from the University of Purdue I made the Spanish Verb Practice page.

Spanish Verb Practice

Enjoy it and leave a comment for feedback!

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